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Why should I participate?

  • Earn $500+ for sharing your experience
  • Earn $500+ for sharing your experience
  • Testing is easy and done from the comfort of your home
  • Testing is easy and done from the comfort of your home

There is still a lot we don’t know about natural immunity to COVID-19 – we need unvaccinated people to help answer this question

While some people with COVID-19 have mild symptoms, others develop severe disease that can lead to hospitalization and death. If you are not planning on getting the vaccine, you can still help us understand how the immune system responds to COVID-19.

Study Details

Screening Questionnaire

If you are preliminarily eligible based on the screening survey, a study team member will reach out to confirm your eligibility and perform a consent visit over the phone and/or video chat. The study overview, training, and procedures will be discussed at that time. If you consent, we will ask you to fill out an additional survey and nasal and stool swab kits will be shipped to you. These will all be completed at your home.

Start of Study Visit

If you continue to be eligible after completing screening procedures, we will schedule you for a Start of Study or “Enrollment Visit” for a blood draw. This will occur at a clinical site or at your home through a mobile blood draw company.

Participant Tasks During the Study

You will complete routine weekly electronic surveys and self-collect nasal swabs that will be mailed to the laboratory. Nasal swab COVID results will be made available to you through a secure online portal.

COVID-19 Symptom Triggered Nasal Swab

If at any time you develop COVID-19 related symptoms, we will ask you to complete an electronic symptom survey. We may also ask you to collect additional nasal swabs at home. The study team will guide you on next steps depending on your results.

Research Team

Michael Boeckh M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Fred Hutch

Dr. Michael Boeckh is an expert in respiratory viral infections that affect individuals with healthy and weakened immune systems. His research focuses on the epidemiology, diagnostic, risk factors and immunologic control of viral infections, as well as prevention and treatment strategies.

Shane Crotty Ph.D.

Professor, La Jolla Institute for Immunology

Dr. Shane Crotty is an expert in viral infections and immune responses.

His research focuses on immune responses to COVID-19 and understanding vaccines.

Alpana Waghmare, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Fred Hutch

Dr. Alpana Waghmare is an infectious diseases physician and researcher.

She studies respiratory viral infections in adults and children, including viral and host risk factors for severe disease.

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